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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    UFO Resurrection KAL

If you would’ve asked me in the Fall of 2001 if I thought I’d STILL be blogging almost 6 years later, I probably would’ve just fallen down in a fit of giggles! [ rUkidding Me? ] But this journal seems to be like the eBunny — it just keeps going and going and going…

And I’m glad!

BECAUSE it has once again bailed me out.

It’s one thing to stash (erm, hide) a bunch of WIP’s you’ve fallen out-of-love with.

It’s another to Rekindle the Flames and decide to try again.

In every case of the polled projects from last week, there was no organized storage. They were all in This Trunk. Nowhere near were patterns or notes or anything to indicate what the stuff even was.

Enter the Blog Archives. I added a Google Search feature to these pages awhile back (in the right-hand sidebar). I did a search on the words *Groovy Condo* and VOILA! It returned this archive page, complete with my tubular cast-on notes. [Did I ever mention that I adore Tubular Cast-Ons?! FAB! My links are toast — here’s a great one similar to the one I used but by a molto compiuto e bello Italian living in LA. Thanks Fluffbuff!] Also, on the right-side bar of long ago, the WIP list where I find my needle size and Pattern Book info.

There’s the big fat Bamboo #11 needle that goes with this project. It was not even in the vicinity of the unfinished piece. I’d done something I like to do that I think keeps the stitches from deforming during storage: I used a smaller diameter inexpensive circular needle from an eBay score to hold the stitches. That’s a big 7 come 11 baby — and what could’ve been a crap shoot it now back on track.

This is YARN?!? /////

Monday, July 9, 2007

  Monday Morning Mirth  

happy anniversary speed freak

OMG! It’s been a whole year since I entered the ranks of DSL! While gone are the days of waiting endlessly for downloads (and I believe I got more housework done in those times by being the multitasking maniac I am) now HERE are the hours and hours of finding and playing with online goodies!

And because I’m a Big Fat Enabler, now you can too!

Here is my current favorite: the Rasterbator!

You can upload a favorite jpg picture under 1Mb and it will BLOW IT UP to the ginormous dimensions of your choice, then give you a PDF file you can print out in *Tiles*

I watched S. Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” this weekend, hiding from the HEAT.This movie was an unbeilavable portrait of excess and frivolity, just a slice, not much plot or substance, but oh those SHOES! OH the photography, especially the FOOD shots…

After you print out your tiles you piece them together mosaic style as a poster! Below is my new 25″ wide X 22″ high — 6 page poster. You can use many, many more pages to get a HUGE poster!

–the picture I started with was a very loRez (72ppi: 4.5 x 3.2 inches — 35k) very small JPG but it gave nice dotty results using the online Rasterbator

— to get smaller dot size, use a higher resolution image to start with, and download their standalone app which lets you choose more detailing

— beware: darker pictures take more ink!

Weekend, July 7, 2007

It’s 07-07-07 and I’m feeling LUCKY!

top (@50 rows) size 3.25mm needles
bottom (@60 rows): size 3.5mm

Well, I guess when I wrote the other day that 3’s a Charm on 3rd Rock it meant I’d be starting Mystery Stole #3 three TIMES!

Indeed, I took a good look at my second start and thought it was too dense. Then I read “A Question of Definition” and it pushed me over the edge! My stole gauge was too tight. But.

HEY! There’s no expiration date on knitting, dear little slow-bees.

And now that I’ve gone up a needle size (to 3.5mm) you can see LACE!

There’s Air in There. You can see how it’s opened up in the mesh areas and the pretty little bit of light peaking through the St st areas.

Even though black lace is a B to shoot, let me tell you there’s eyelets and yarn-overs, and K2TOG’s all playing nice and liquid like a merino waterfall when I draped it over my arm.

And that’s what’s exciting — we get to wear this! I have needed a stole for a long time — my first attempt was a few years ago now and it’s been many a summer night when I longed for something to throw over my shoulders and wrap me right. THANK YOU, Melanie!

The other excitement, the longer lasting thrill, for me is that I think now I *get it*. The Lace Thing. I was knitting a row and just sailing along — not struggling with the needle size or fiddling with the yarn because it was either too stuck to the needle or slipping all over the place.

Thing is, I would’ve started over 300 times to Get It.

But it’s 07-07-07 and I feel lucky. Gotta knit now.

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