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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


— high as a kite —

That would be me, still in orbit from a very exciting weekend.

Because of the impossible, improbable, nature of my life, making decisions might be a fast and furious affair.

That’s how I found myself in Colombus, Ohio on Saturday.

Even though it took me from 6pm to 2am (Thunder Storms! Tornado! Wind!) to fly the regular one-hour AmEagle flight, even though I was dead-as-a-doornail (we won’t even talk about jet-lag hair), even though it was hot, humid and rainy, nothing was going to keep me from the Grand Spectacle.

That would be: THE TNNA NeedleArts Market Show for Fall.

I decided I must attend this event at the very last of last minutes.

And Attend I Did! For one day only…

Starting from the line into the Hall, where I met and gushed over Janet Szabo, it was one high point after another the entire day. The Kelly Sisters from Arcadia gave me some really great moves (thanks!) to use on the hugest of floor plans; it was an amazing pace to attempt.

I sampled as much as I could — like a progressive dinner of the fiberous sort, I ventured from vendor to vendor filling my plate — meeting along the way many other diners: from Shannon Oakey from KnitGrrl fame; Ivete Tecedor from Chiagu; Stephanie Japel, who had a very luscious, beautiful booth; to Veronik Avery, the charming and incredible Creative Director of JCA.

Alchemy Yarns housed for the show the talented Lauren Lax and Cathy A — who I was so happy to finally meet in person!

Every once in awhile I had to go pull the plug and reboot the senses. It was saturation overload! Imagine seeing touching taking many new yarns styles companies into one’s jet-lagged brain in such rapid succession that even coffee would not work any magic. But a nice crisp cold bottle of water and a sit-down with Sean from Boston would — a soda from Annie Modesitt, yes!

I have to say it was a genuine pleasure to chat with Nicky Epstein, who is so gorgeous and talented, she should be doing more Television for Us, the Knitting Nation (hint hint). Seeing the new and established glitterati and goodies all in one place was almost too much for me to bear. As I made my way around the entirely too huge hall, I would glimpse someone or something out of the corner of my eye and go, “No, can’t be. IS!”

THIS, coupled with every type of yarn and fiber device one could imagine became a cacaphony of the sort that leaving would only enhance because now I can shout if from the rooftops little-by-little for weeks and weeks.

And yes, I did get a little knitting done…

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