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Tuesday, May 29, 2007



Whether it’s a resurrection or not depends on how you do the math — like maybe re-starting something that was barely started at all should count, right?

I was working on this green CeCe last year around this time and stalled [mental block on knitting sleeves in-the-round].

Rippit/rResuscitate and we have 2 flat sleeves! [I didn’t actually knit them on the same needle but put them there to hold and wait while I finish the Body of the garment.]

I cast on for that yesterday and have an inch and a half done so far. RISE!

Rise as fast as bread! Rise fast as the weeds growing in my back yard I say!

Nothing is faster —

We are in the process of re-doing our *landscaping*. What passes for organized bushes and other green stuff is a compilation of old and new — the stuff the developer/builder threw into the ground a few years ago and stuff we’ve been adding as we go.

It is way less than ideal, especially the original stuff — trees planted smack dab in the middle of the yard, in incorrect conditions so they couldn’t thrive or just the wrong kind of plant. Really. Got to. GO.

This last weekend we had a fellow come in and take out a monstrously huge Privet hedge. While this can be a great fast-growing bush, in a small profile area it just takes over. We could barely open the garage entry door or walk between the houses without being bussed around the head and shoulders by a hedge so bloated and huge one did anything to avoid having to walk near it. Our tree fellow made short work of it with a chain saw but disappeared half-way through the job.

This is not unusual in the Big City.

Finding coherent workman who will Get It Done like they say they will is almost a miraculous occurence. We thought we hit solid gold because we saw this guy working on our neighbor’s stuff. Hee. Different day, different sh*t. He not only didn’t finish our job on the first day, but left a fair amount of cut branches in the street blocking parking and maybe scratching cars going by. I went out and piled them in the parkway and just started to churn.

Who thinks the Fellow actually returned my phone calls? [I have a bridge I’d like to sell you!]

Instead, his wife calls at 10am Sunday morning (sorry our truck broke down) and says they’re on their way to wrap it up and I’m actually happy because no one will have to be telephonically flogged (which BTW, I do rather well). I’m skeptical but show up he does — with a rather shady guy who looks like he came straight from the deck of the Black Pearl — dirty scarf around his head, glazed, greasy skin, 5 o’clock shadow at 11am! But he also has a Machine — one that gobbles and dissolves the stumps they left from the day before. And to make nice, my fellow manually digs up a stump too close to the house so he won’t kill the surrounding bushes with the Stump Buster wheels. All is forgiven. All that remains are plans for the fresh and new!

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