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Monday, April 30, 2007

  Monday Morning Mirth  


I thought the first harbingers of SPRING were always the lovely Robins and their cohorts, the DandyLions! Yesterday, as I was enjoying my cuppa, one of these was actually outside my living room window behind me, bumping the glass, trying to get in and tell me something…


I kept hearing a soft thump, then thump. I finally got up to see what could be so persistent and VOILA! I came face-to-face with Robin Redbreast! Here he is still waiting. (Still outside.)

Mr. Robin said: “Here’s the sure sign of Spring – they’re Everywhere!”
[warning: explicit language at start…]

extra points for using my favorite Bon Jovi song…

The Backstory: I really appreciated the camera work in this video. A few weeks ago, I had to shoot a boarder demo down at McCormick Place Convention Center. The producers had built a huge wood mockup of a street scene, complete with ramps, steps & rails. I shot alot of it very low, to get the jumping action from a cool angle and capture the speed. When I finally stood up to shoot an interview with a 14 y.o. superstar (he was incredible) I had my back to the stairs. Another boarder jumped then lost control of his ride at the foot of the stairs. Even though there was a bit of distance between us, the careening board smashed into my ankle at full force.

I almost passed out.

This is why I sort of appreciate the profanity at the start of this tape – whatcha gonna do when they come for you – the pain was just incredible. But I’m a winner not a whiner and finished my assignment (whatta dumba**) even though I about bit my tongue in two. The kid we interviewed grabbed my hand at the end of the shoot, and said, “Dude. You rock.” HE appreciated my white knuckle move.

Over the next few days, my entire ankle turned black, through and through.

It is still a little yellow, though not as bright as the springtime Dandelions.

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