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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Everybody has a five/10/100 year plan, right? Smoothly sailing down life’s highway, we see the signposts of human achievment: the births, the graduations, the degrees, that JOB, the wedding(s), the mortgage, the bills, the sickness, the what?

So what happens when Life hits a PotHole?

In my case, you clean.

Lucky for me, it’s SPRING! And nothing goes better with That than a scrub-brush and vacuum…

My mind has been cloudy lately – lately including right before Christmas to now. I’ve been flattened by a forlorn karmic trifecta of sorts — 25% of the people I work with on my *day job* were laid off, but the work load ramped up like a rocket; my downtstairs neighbor’s baby, who, as an infant, was as quiet a a churchmouse, is now a nighttime *crooner* who sings with loud and howling regularity, off-key and sad, every morning around 3am; and most most dreadful, my dear, dear friend went into the hospital with bone cancer two days before Christmas and has been battling ever since.

Dark was my Winter Season (and broken my heart) but the Light everday is climbing. A new season is upon us and my house is full of rays.

And what did I see? Dust bunnies everywhere! (These, as I explained to an online chum were Nature’s Free Winter Insulation – along with piles of books, skeins, papers, shoes, laundry, boxes, and more…)

Perhaps this pile-up was the order of the day in the lurking grey of Winter, but No More!

Bunnies in the Spring are Chocolate, not dust: Be Gone!


Not enough the sweeping, but to really change the inner landscape, furniture MUST be moved! I re-arranged the living room/studio & dining areas so they are open and light.



all the pretty swatches in a bowl and rack…



This is an old display rack I found at a flea market. It probably held small packages like barrettes or bobby pins – I used it for awhile to display postcards. Now, I’ve got some favorite swatches clipped to it to study and peruse…

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