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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Ten-day forecast is a Steady-as-She-Goes 40-50 degrees here in the Big Windy. While usually at this time of the year I would take this as a poke-in-the-eye from Mother Nature, it’s making me Jump for JOY instead~!

I have a new Hoodie.


Life is Good…

My sample of the variation of the Twist pattern is FINI!

I brought it with me Thursday night to Letizia’s Bakery for our KIP night out. Between the fun conversation and music spun by our favorite (and handsome) barista Spencer, it was done in no time at all. I set in both sleeves with a crochet slip-stitch and sewed on the buttons – which, BTW, were chosen by commitee (thank you Ladies…).


A trip to Tender Buttons (on Rush St) yielded up some darker Tortoise Shell models and a plain Taupe set. The Taupe had a greenish undercast and just didn’t disappear into the fabric enough to work well – which is what I thought to be the best case scenario. I adore this color; it is sophisticated. Neutral. Adult. Flattering. BUT. Impossible to take a picture of or match buttons to.

In the end, the darker T.Shell buttons worked because they had a matching center tone that was a little more neutral. I think they look a little casual, but hey, in a Ralph kind of way.

I see this being worn for a few weeks yet, layered with a black or brown down vest or rain parka, black turtleneck shirt, thin black gloves and sunglasses.

[This design will be available in the next couple of months. I am currently re-writing. For a head’s up on this and other fun blips on the Chic Radar, sign up for our notify list – see right hand column.]

Monday, April 9, 2007

  Monday Morning Mirth  


This brought such a smile to my face! Notice the date this was made – in the springtime, 103 years ago…

It just tickles me to know that one of the first things photographers did with the process once it was out there was to make things that would Make Us Laugh! I’m having a kind of *hooray-for-hollywood* thing behind this – but am especially smiling because of the name of the shooter…

April 5, 2007

Chic Knits Sock Nation Knittin' Citizen

…the Sock Speaks…
More Stories of Spring

happiness is a yellow sock…

Opal *Magic* Color 1050
size 2.25mm needles
one down, one to go…

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