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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It’s a HOOD!


The Twist sweater got crowned this weekend whilst watching “the Illusionist”. This movie was so stullifying, that it was easy to pay attention to the stitching – unlike my outing with “The Departed” which was so exciting that the Nicole top suffered a 53 row “hit” and was put back into marination custody for a time out. (Currently, 47 rows to go, again on probation.)

Movies are soo good to knit by that I see that Jennifer/Crafty Lilly has a blog called FiberFlix KAL. Here movies are nominated and one per month is picked for viewing, discussion and knitting. Coming Up in April is “Don Juan DeMarco”, with my favorite Hollywood squeeze, Johnny Depp. I’ve never seen this one! Count me in!

My perfect movie to Knit By: something without subtitles (tried and failed to watch a Bollywood box office breaker with no success), something with lots of music to cue me to upcoming drama (usually this tonal bashing annoys me to no end but in this case it’s essential) and lot’s of action scenes so I can look away and not miss too much exept for some gratuitous pyrotechnics (some of Angelina Jolie’s movies are great for this – the TombRaider series, which I love; Mr. & Mrs. Smith was great – as soon as the sound of breaking glass/explosions is over, eyes up!)

“The Illusionist” has the great Edward Norton and a fellow named Rufus Sewell who I’ve adored since I first saw him as Marco Venier in “Dangerous Beauty”. Both give safe, intense, well-crafted performances which never ignite. The whole story is about the Passion they both feel for Jessica Biel’s character, who is just too contemporary for a period piece like this. Her look, her accent, her lack of range bring the thing to a grinding halt everytime she appears. The sparsity of gimcracks in a movie so focussed on magic is astounding and by the end, when they reveal the illusion behind the Illusion, it is too little, too late. Even “the Ghost Whisperer” teases with more skill than this big budget period farce.

Especially annoying – the entire film is golden and sepia toned with faded blacked out edges to approximate a voyeur effect; just too exhausting to peep for the duration.

Between Acts 3 & 4, I was so lethargic,
I took an Exciting Button Break
while the movie plodded along…


I’m having a hard time picking between
a faux light tortoise shell and a buff matte disk…

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