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Friday March 16, 2007

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“Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous: the Slammer Years”

That’s a little quote from an associate of mine, made in the lobby of the Fed Court building in Chicago. He was talking about the trial we were there for – one Conrad Moffat Black – the notorious and controversial British Peer of the Realm.

These days, and for many weeks to come, The Esteemed Realm of said Lord consists of a courthouse, and my peers are very concerned the amenities just might not be up to snuff for someone of such lofty prominence. The Cafeteria food! The manky Public Restroom! The Gaunlet!

That’s where I come in – the first and last things Mr. Black sees coming into and out of the DFBldg is multitudes of cameras. Canadians! Brits! Yanks! The interest in this man is at an international high – and the Brit paparazzi especially like to get up close and personal with the lens, leaping and pushing towards the man until he’s the center of the rugby scrum. Close by his side is Mrs. Black, rumoured to wear a 26 carat diamond engagement ring, which, used in a WonderWoman move could just possibly blind and blow up all those buzzing mosquitoes with a little flash feedback.

Frivoulous Sidebar: Fellini, the GrandMaster film director, is the Pappa of the Paparazzi – his character in “La Dolce Vita” – a boy called “Paparazzo” (Mosquito).”

This playoff is going to continue for weeks and weeks this Spring and already, the media players have dug in for the duration. In the roped-off access area is a sea of canvas folding chairs, whose occupants occupy their time between takes with all varieties of distraction. My portable non-electric device has always been a sock! Not for me the video iPod which might land on the marble floor in a flurry or into a passing pocket.

I love me sock! LoTech Safe.

The Moss Agate #1 went to see Mr. Black this week and, as always, caused speculation and commenting by my Peerage in tow. This time, it got international attention – and a tiny seal of approval by one Brit who just juttted out his lower lip and quickly shook his head affirmatively. Some of my Very Own mates were confused by this colourway and one told me it was either too late or too early to be knitting Christmas socks – I’ll agree they are very festive!

Late in the day, when I was up to the start of the toe, I reached a conumdrum. This sock lives in my parka pocket. All alone lives she, no tools or stash to keep her company in her downtime between stitching. Before I could continue, I needed to get a fix on my gauge, because as usual, I didn’t write anything down and had no pattern with me.

I did have time to think and I did have this…

knitting patterns
meet my new little Gauger, a business card,
which in the US is always 2″ x 3.5″ –
really good in pinch!

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