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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Right now, I’m just a little scared of what I see above.

Moments ago, that knitting you see was an entire front section of a sweater.

Now, it appears to be not much more than a swatch!

Here’s the silver, swatch is good! Rather it be a puny-size potholder shaped portion than a sweater with not one, but two cable crossing disasters. I swear! I was drinking coffee and chatting and before I knew it BLAM! I spied mistake #1, about 8 rows back.

Yikes! Then I inspected the rest of the thing and BLAM! Mistake #2 WAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down by the ribber-side.

For a microsecond, I considered the cure, the re-knit, the weave.

But then it was: OFF with its thread.

I decided in this yarn, with this tension, with this pattern, it would only drive me around the bend if I started fussing with it. There are two cable actions quite close together and by my estimates (and factoring in the b-Marie patience quotient) it would be more efficient to just rippit. I’m a fast knitter, right?

More is more, then less.

I feel a little giddy….

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