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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

UNbelievably Blizzardy and WINDY!

What better weather to flash some stash!?!?!

My dear auntie from Georgia sent me some birthday bucks and what’s a girl to do?

Grab some STR, that’s what…

top, Downpour; bottom, Carbon

This is so exciting – I’ve not used the Medium Wt. stuff – any suggestions to needle size and gauge? The label suggests 8 sts on size 2 or 3 needles.

On my only other foray into STRland, I used #1’s and got 7.5 sts / 11 rows per inch using Lightweight. [Talking to Self: wasn’t paying attention, one sock is done and it’s Too Small. Hmm. I used 60 sts – should’ve used 64 – hate the sock – frog no frog – yikes.]

Garnet Dream colorway

The WTF part of this? It’s been so long since I made the initial sock (Oct. 2005), it disappeared and I recently found it in the sock drawer hiding with real pairs of socks. I was desperately needing clean ones and was so happy to see it until I figured out what it was – a single. A onsie.

And if you’ve ever been single, you know what that means. Limited invitations because maybe, sometimes, you make the wives sweat. Anybody?

I also could not remember what needles I used. Between brands, of which I currently have 3 (!) there are .25mm discrepancies between Size 1, 2, 3.

Off with its THREAD!

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