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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

is it wrong to wish your team’s colors were L.I.M.E.
instead of, hmmm, navy & orange??

Then it would be as easy as shooting ducks in a barrel – I’d already have one sock done and would not be tempted by this – Laura K writes: “By the way, have you seen the Bears colorway by Lorna’s Laces? It’s a fun self-striping blue orange combo–I saw it at Arcadia last week.”

How cool is knitting a sock during the game? Well, maybe not as cool as Jodee who wrote: “I knit an orange and blue hat during the game to keep me from biting my nails!!”

I will have to call. Becasue. I. Have. NO. Willpower. And I am not afraid of being the fan who’s a little bit of a wan**er if that’s what it takes to get a championship trophy! If you recall, something really good happened the night I was knitting a black’n’white sock awhile back…


Meanwhile, Sock #1 of 56 St 56 Row Pair is done, washed and being admired. I have a chair across from the chair I usually sit’n’knit and it is the Gallery Chair. I find I’ve been draping new FOs over it when they’re done so I can admire them for a spell before I put them in the sweater cupboard. (Yes, one perfect little reason to slack off housework.)

This pattern is just so easy and fun – but it disappeared from the web awhile back. Its author, the wonderful Nancy T McGLynn, gave me permission to publish it again online here on Chic Knits for you to enjoy…

CLICK HERE for the Pattern…

(good for any medium weight sock yarn that knits to a gauge of 7 sts / 10 rows per 1″ – makes a Women’s Size M sock)

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