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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now I’m all about Tools but not all Tools.
I’m all about Tools that work for me.

2. Really Sharp Scissors – my small pair are razor-ish professional, surgical

3. A Clickable Row Counter – I tend not to trust my measuring tape alone, but am a dedicated row counter to match sleeve lengths, armholes, etc.

4. A 2″ darning needle – why we’re sold needles longer than this I do not know unless everyone is suddenly making all their sweaters out of 2 st/inch yarn ;p

5. A Needle Sizer – who the heck is Susan Bates????

And Drumroll Please…

6. Stitch Holders.


I have a whole bunch of standard metal ones that I acquired on eBay from an auction of vintage tools. I can only wonder who had these, but they filed down the pointy edge to pin-like sharpness. I use them to *baste* seams together to try things on – but I RARELY use them as stitch holders.



Here you see my favorite Stitch Holder of all – Scrap Yarn. It is simply threaded through the stitches that need to go to the sideline for awhile and knotted on the ends.


Make an Honest Yarn out of all that Acrylic in your stash!

My Ribby Shell has one the Right Front done and is waiting to jump back on the needles for the Left Front finishing…

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