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Thursday, January 4, 2007 KIPKIPKIPKIPit

Tracey writes: “So thank you, screw them, and
keep on keeping on.”



Here we have the fabby back of my Mondo Cable Shell/VEST (!).

I swear I didn’t do this.

I swear I didn’t finagle the yarn stripes so they’d end on a GREEN series.

But hey. Why look a yarn horse in the mouth.

YES! It’s 2007 and I indeed intend to mangle and misuse as many metaphors as I can get my hands on.

This will look great under Red Hair, non?

After seeing the incredible Ribby Shell/Vest Corinne made out of Noro Kureyon #116 which she has graciously allowed me to reproduce here:


I decided to just LET the COLOR HAPPEN.

As I shaped the top of the vest, the stripe repeats became wider but still graduated in tone and scope. You can see this happen on Corinne’s vest too – the darkening of the skinnier parts means more dense striping.

I was tempted at one point to alternate skeins, but I must admit, this always seems Too Much Aggravation. I would rather the Yarn Muses who crafted these strands have their natural way. Rarely have I ripped because of pooling – a little bit just might make a cool shape –

I do like this idea though seen on scarves about town: one row of Noro, one row of a solid color. OR Alternate 2 different (3 different?!) colors of Noro…

The Front awaits…

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