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Tuesday, January 2, 2007


ooh la la, the first WIP of ’07

It seems funny typing 2007. My fingers are resisting. First I typed 2006. Then for a few moments it was merely the year 200.

Back to the future, and we have another.


I’m loosely counting the recently finished Bling shell as a vest, because, indeed, it will be worn over a blouse at some point (have I ever shown you my favorite chartruese chiffon shirt – this combo is not for the faint of heart but a pale washed out winterite redhead like myself needs all the color excitement she can GET! and it does work it).

Above you see something made out of a material as polar opposite to the ribbon-y glitz of last week as you can get: Noro Silk Garden.

I originally got this for a wrap, but while rousting through the stash, it occurred to me I had enough for a Mondo Cable. Inspired jointly by Lisa and Corinne (who for 2006 it was the YEAR of the Vest), I decided to give it a try –

Hmm. The texture and feel of this yarn is not the most favorite that’s ever passed through my hands.


The end result almost makes me faint with joy! The colors in this yarn endlessly surprise and entertain while knitting. (It is Color # 203). The band says it’s a combo of 45% Silk, 45% Kid Mohair & 10% Lamb’s Wool. Now my standard for kid mohair is the ubiquitous Kid Silk Haze, but the SG is not fluffy, soft or pettable.

It is however, lusiously colored – and I believe, quite perfect for this vest – although I had to tweak a bit for gauge. I am getting 17 sts / 22 rows on #9 needles (the pattern is 16/20). I am also knitting it in the round to preserve stripey goodness – YES! I am one of those people who WILL try to match the stripes on the NORO, so this is just a kindness.

I’m almost at the armholes – now it will go back to being knit back and forth – what will those colors do?

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