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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The vest. It grows. The pattern from the hand painted yarn is intriguing me such that I can’t wait to see what comes next.

This little number has become a reward, so to speak, or perhaps, more accurately, a bribe. There’s a lot cookin’ in the kitchen at Chez Chic and to keep myself on point, I work a few rows on a fab personal project to reward myself.

Another, quicker (and necessary) reward – some new Boots! These are by Camper and were harvested on a shoe sale romp with Theresa on Sunday.


The combination of materials in these boots is what caught my eye: rubber toe kicks and 3″ heels, Nubuck sides, Taffeta tops!

But wait, when the brain is all fired UP, one project isn’t enough. Just when you need to be focused on the singular, the multiple will be very appealing. And we’re not talking about any old project. Or, maybe we are! The uncontrollable urge to re-work re-model a previous project just might strike.


Here is a sweater I made earlier this year which decided it would be much happier as a cap-sleeved vest. In my rather cavalier ignorance, I thought it would be an evening or 2 romp in front of the TV. MEMO to SELF: next time, try and have the bright ideas the first time around…

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