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Friday, November 10, 2006

Finding peace in an ever-so-upturned world
just got a little easier.

Solution? The Chicagoland Dulaan Knit-In! Take a wonderful Cause that not only reaches out to our brothers and sisters afar, but allows the near to engage their generosity and hospitality together at home.

Bringing it all together? The wonderful, handsome and quite talented Franklin Habit!

Saturday, the 4th of November, saw a gathering unlike any I’ve seen in Chicago. The glorious John Evans Alumni House was the place and knitters from all over the Country were the PARTY!

Every room was bustling with good will, good food and warm garments being fashioned for Dulaan. The Potluck!? Food glorious Food! Especially yummy in my tummy, the Mac’n’Cheese from Adian & Co. OOh La la, creamy with a crust of crushed potato chips – OMG! – many many thanks for the delight!

The fabulous Lynette brought about a million scrumptious cupcakes! And Jamie provided Intelligensia Coffee for all to wash it down!

Continuing the Best-of-the-Best Rollcall was one of the most exciting RAFFLES I’ve ever seen! People and Companies from all over the States contributed the most incredible prizes to be given away in a drawing –

Here is the lovely KarenB (left) who contributed beautiful boocou skeins of Jaeger Cashmere to the cause – unbelievably luscious fuschia!

I wish I would’ve of taken a million more pictures! There was so much energy and love pinging the walls that even a week later, I am still smiling thinking of it – old friends and new sharing a stitch or 2, hats, scarves, sweaters rolling off the needles, delicious food, all bound together by the very best of intentions.


>>>>>>> How to Help <<<<<<<

Participation in the Dulaan Project is simple

You may use whatever yarn and colors you like. There is a need for hats, mittens, socks, neck gaitors, scarves and sweaters for all ages from babies to adults – especially for children ages 2-10.
Think warmth and simplicity.

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