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Thursday KIPKIPKIP 2144 W Division Letizia’s 7-9pm


Another day. Another opp to dress the Mannequin and play in Photoshop!

The Truffle colored CeCe is joined!
It’s grown about an inch beyond that point
and is moving right along.

To tame the multitude of stitches a whole sweater at a time requires, at Chez Chic, a little trip to the needle stash. I have acquired several pairs of 24″ Inox circular needles over time (multiple hats anyone?) and am using 4 needles just like you would a set of double points.

The first needle holds the stitches of the Right Front and 1/2 of the Right Sleeve. Needle #2 holds the stitches of the other half of the Right Sleeve and all the way across the Back and through the first half of the Left Sleeve. The third needle holds the last half of the Left Sleeve and the Left Front. The 4th needle is the working needle.


During the knitting itself, the entire piece sits in my lap while I work the sections, one at a time. The non-working sections are out-of-the-way and their needle just collapses and folds under the pieces, no poking.

After the yoke has become a more manageable size, I go back to just one circular needle to the end.

[Could this mannie be whispering, “Finish me already!”]


For a delightful morning (or afternoon) treat, fix yourself a cuppa and enjoy a deliciious TRUFFLE!

Mademoiselle Fluffa! has finished her CeCe and it, like the lady herself, is delectable! Impeccable!


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