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Friday, October 27, 2006

New Threads FRIDAY!


Pattern: Chic Knits
Designer: Bonne Marie Burns
Yarn: Jo Sharp *DK Wool*
Color: Navy
Gauge: 22 sts/30 rows over 4″
Needles: #6

The crispy, damp weather in Chicago has made a Sneaky Pete find the finish line!

This is my favorite time of the year (give or take a little of the damp back to where it belongs – North Sea?)

Now is the time I can relish the sweater wardrobe and pair it with a down vest or two. My favorites – an older Black down vest with stretchy knit sides – and a new vest I got up in Northern Lower Michigan a couple of weeks ago at a J.C. Penny’s coat sale. It is Chesnut Brown, very fitted, with some nice channel quilt detailing. Much more wearable than your run-of-the-mill square quilting you see everywhere else.

My other must-have on a vest – SNAPS! paired with a zipper, for quick closure + quick release. Fantasy wish list: 2-way zippers on ALL outerwear for the chilly climes. Why men’s clothing almost always have his option, but not Ladies is Beyond My Ability to Understand -wtf? I run; I jump; I split those single zippers like banana peels.

I love the look of Navy with Black – this is my uniform for Winter 2006-2007 – I love how the hood on this turned out. It folds really great – a combination of shaping and drape. Not the best picture – but this is body conscious/fitted and has nice active-wear fitting sleeves as well. This is the second sweater I’ve made from Jo Sharp DK Wool – why did they discontinue this stuff?

Although I knit this almost to the buttonband gauge of 22.5 sts per 4″, I think this yarn would work well even at 19-20 sts per inch. [omg we’re pushing the envelope here step back].

The lovely Amisha (doing some swatching for Ariann) even says: “I’m currently having excellent luck with Jo Sharp DK wool, the regular kind. Ball band says 22.5 st/4 in, and I get pretty close to that on a size 6 needle (and a pretty tight fabric). On a 7, though, I get exactly 19 st/4 in (and in fact JS has a couple of patterns that are at that gauge)– I have to say I like the fabric better, the knitting is a bit quicker, and it works *perfectly* for your designs. The yarn also seems to be very sturdy (it’s not merino, but it’s completely un-scratchy– more of a substantial feel) and it doesn’t pill. Wheee!”

WHEEE indeed – I’ve been *compiling* a bit of this stuff myself since they discontinued (and discounted) it. Now I can go amuse myself and make some swatches at this bigger gauge and see what up.


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