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Friday, September 1, 2006

  TGIF TekTalk  

After Wednesday’s entry, I got some requests for some Demo Action of the fab Two-Circular Method of knitting in the round. Our KIP group was at the Mercury Cafe last night and the lovely Rachel from Sweet Figs was kind enough to take these shots that show how the technique looks in practice.


I am using two – 32″ circular needles to make the tube. The stitches are divided evenly between the two needles. I chose to go from mid-sleeve to mid-sleeve while knitting the complete circular yoke of a sweater. (See the flat tube with divided stitches in a picture in this entry)


Because I am knitting this inside out to keep it clean, the resting needle lies in my lap nearest to my body and the Working Needle is on top, a little further away from the body. The distance in this picture is exaggerated to illustrate the difference. I like the fact that the bulk and weight of the sweater is mainly supported by the body and not the wrists.


When you form the circle made with the Working Needle to start knitting, the resting work will naturally fall below and be out of the way. You knit across all the stitches on the Working Needle. Then you drop that needle, flip the work and pick up what was the Resting Needle and that becomes the working side.

So, using one ball of yarn you knit around the tube, one-half of the stitches per needle at a time. It’s the same concept of using multiple needles to knit in the round as when you use Double Pointed Needles but the flexibility and length of the circulars means you only need 2 needles instead of 4 or more.


Here’s about half-way through knitting the stitches on the Working Needle. You can see how the Resting Needle just will position itself below it. Once you get through a few rounds like this, the pace and rhythm will become really fast and friendly!


Yesterday, my poor email addie was the victim of BackScatter Spam – I got almost 10,000 emails to my new DSL mailbox. Ten Thousand. They were mingled in with my regular email.

I think the problem is under control (not much you can do but wait it out and clean out the box). BUT. If you emailed me in the past two days, Please email me again because it might’ve been purged by accident…

There should be a special place in Hell for these people who casually steal our time by causing this VANDALISM.

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