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Monday, September 11, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

ok, ok, it was raining this weekend
and I watched a TON of movies…

that is noo excuse for dropping this on you…

more silliness here in list in right-hand column

—– I downgraded back down to my previous Movable Type installation because it went KABLOOOOOEY! I am going to brush up on my PHP and then try it again. Maybe in February when I’ve got a lot of TIME on my glands —–

Thursday, September 7, 2006


and now for something [completely] different

Certain things happen when you take your knitting on the road. As you grab your bag when you’re heading out the door, you’ll notice that your working yarn ball is probably down to a couple of yards. After you’re done swearing, you race to wind some more because the Sport will not let you leave without doing so.

I swear to god. I had to go to the Swift before I went to the Bus.

Luckily, I found a pretty good horizontal perch for this birch baby and it is much faster, IMHO, than using it vertical. [Pay no attention to the ginourmous piles of stash in the background – where the hella did all that blue come from?!]


More Mobile KIP
Mercury Cafe
1505 W Chicago Ave
7 – 9 pm

parking is pretty good around there – or – take the Blue line and #66.

Wednesday, September 5, 2006


stop and smell the roses…

And while you’re at it, knit a little.

The scene above is, believe it or not, taken in a rooftop garden. (I missed Self-Portrait Tuesday so this is Hand-WIP-Portrait Wednesday.) One of the wonderful perks of living in the Urban Madness is finding these oasis of calm tucked into the most unlikely places. Since I usually have my camera & knitting with me, it was only logical to do the photo math.

I had a rare mid-day break yesterday, and I spent it gloriously knitting away in the sunshine. This year’s late season Roses are bursting Everywhere – I took my shoes and socks off to pay my respects.

Our KIP group, thanks to Mary, has been more mobile than ever and it is so much fun to bring the craft alive outside. People generally are thrilled by it for some reason, magnetized, mystified and curious. I want to make some little postcards or something to give out with some learning links and other knitting *maps* because people most always want to go to the next step. Anybody ever use the online postcard printers?

I always love love love seeing everyone’s knitting in a locale as well – check out Scout knittin’ away at a soccer meeting! Lesson: always enough time to get in a few rows – I was knitting yesterday in the back of a taxi – but, urp, who knew it would be so different from the #66 – then again maybe it was just the NASCAR driver at the wheel.

Lots of happy time this weekend was spent nose-to-grindstone. I am still wallowing about Adobe InDesign – the more you use/practice stuff, the more natural it feels and thankfully, a lot of it clicked for me. This is a page layout program that is a bit like Quark but I think better. It is tightly integrated with all the other Adobe software, like Photoshop and Illustrator. Using it feels really familiar because the interface and commands match across the boards. I get all wiggly when I master something as simple as *placing* a graphic or making a textbox. Geek ON!

Question: is there any advantage to
upgrading from v2.0 to CS?

for the heck of it, I posted this and last week’s portrait to a flickr gallery – WIP KIP – please feel free to post your mobile work-in-progress portrait and pin the map!

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