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Thursday, August 31, 2006


This is my favorite picture of my Mom. She’s gone fishin’, wearing her Buster Brown socks. I think the date is 1938. Mom turns 74 today.

Even now, when I look in my Mother’s face, just talking, most times I see this bright little smile. Her eyes crinkle up along the edges in the same joyful shape. They draw me in and hold me tight. Might be the most powerful tractor beam on the planet, this connection between a mother and child.

You’ve probably felt this power. Maybe your own mother was just looking at you with delight. Maybe those eyes told you another unspoken story and made you squirm and wince and wish you hadn’t ditched your little sister when Mom asked you to play with her for a just a little while longer.

Maybe those eyes gave you needed understanding and hope even when you knew what was behind the outside was something only she could bear on the inside and maybe never really show you.

It’s been a hard, hard year for my Mom. She’s been making peace with difficult physical changes in her spine. It’s letting her down in so many ways, I am sometimes astounded she can even move around anymore at all.

But move she does and this year, when it got close to her birthday and she started talking SOCKS I knew just what to do. Last year, I’d given her little sister, my aunt, some yarn and needles and set her down the rosy path to Toeville.

This is what I sent to Mom:


Under all this swag is the “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles” book and on top, some Regia, Opal, Cascade 220 and Addis to practice on before she goes small gauge. I showed Mom how to use the two circs to knit big pieces a few years ago to help her manage the weight of a sweater.
I can’t wait to see what she makes with this!

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