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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The rainy, overcast weather makes for some yummy late summer knittin’ ease. Here’s my Khaki pulli – I’m thinkin’ it’s going to be fun to wear in September. (It’s almost September… :)

You can sort of see I am using 2 – 32″ circular needles to knit this in the round. The light here is really faint this morning – hard to get a good shot (and I don’t like flash). Anyway, when a sweater is all huge in the shoulder area with the mammoth amount of stitches you get when you knit in one piece, it is easier, IMHO, to use the two circs – smooth operation. Many people use this technique to knit the small tubes like you get in socks and gloves. I like it for the Big Tubes you get on a sweater.

I use one needle for each *side* – going from mid-sleeve to other mid-sleeve per needle, which is cool on ribbing because if there are any (and believe it or not there ususally isn’t when you get the hang of it) wonky join problems, it’s in the purl valley. (Sounds like a good place to live – “in the purl valley”). If I was doing a different kind of stitch pattern, I might position the join elsewhere to minimize any probs.

This two circular method is really easy on the wrists and hands too – my Mom took to it like a duck to water and she has pretty dire arthritis. Thank you all who have asked about her – she is doing better – still struggling with extreme degenerative disk disease and the many day-to-day challenges our elders face.

Like much in life, small changes can make a big difference in comfort levels, so I’m also knitting the RP inside out to keep it clean as it travels with me on the #66. No kid glove handling when we go mobile! It’s in the bag, stuffed. Out of the bag lapped. I do believe this is the first thing I’ve ever knit in public that I haven’t been asked if it is a Scarf! WOOT! Some kind of knitic sonic barrier has been crossed! Could be time to knit an entire sweater with #3 needles!

Maybe not.

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