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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

— Note —

Comments were broken yesterday – sorry about that – they have been fixed! So fire away!


Just [Do] Dye It…

One yarn flop, one stash dig, and a pile later, I realized I did not have the color I craved for something I really wanted to make. Maybe it was out there somewhere (UK? China? Oz?), but this was a today kind of itch and baby, I needed to scratch.

Relying on the commercial folks to match my mind’s eye is ususually a crap shoot of the highest order no matter the calendar. While there are many (too many?) fibers out there I adore and could not live without, there always seems to be a gap.

Some days it seems the colors I see most often in yarns are off-tone, too bright, too dull, too yellow, not blue enough, crayola clones, wrong fiber, straight out-of-the-bottle ordinary, too $$$, discontinued, somebody else’s dream.

Not bad. Just. Not mine.

This was the day my brain was totally awash in Bijou Blue.



And this was as close as I could get…

Right, not Bijou. And really Not Blue.

But see those little bottles in the lower left of the picture?

Turquoise + Magenta = BeeBlu.

And with a whole weekend ahead of me, I was more than game.


After weighing the Yarn (1.5 lbs. of worsted weight old school Germantown) I skeined it up. And promptly broke my swift. All the little arms were held together with a most fragile piece of soft copper wire. Looking at it all akimbo made me realize how astonishing it was that it lasted as long as it did.

But after a valiant attempt to re-wire the beast back together, I was forced to visit a new and exciting land.


My Office…

Home of millions of boxes of god-knows-what (clothes? yarn? shoes? files? canceled checks from 1993?).

Also home of the best darned *swift* I’ve ever used in a pinch – an archive crate.

Twelve skeins in all were wrapped and washed. (And I was especially chuffed that I’d finally mastered the figure 8 tie. Take that! you nasty cheap swift!)


Now comes the fun part!

This time out, I thought I’d try something different. Usually I decide on color percentages (my method? none. nada. trial-and-error. mostly) and mix them together as a paste with hot water.

This time I mixed dry. And although the colors you see above might be a little skewed by your monitor monkey, they are pretty close to what I was going for.

And even then I had to use my imagination. I was not going for the usual deep effect, I wanted to try a tone – a half-as-deep version of what the full recommended (1 teaspoon per lb.) dose might be.


No sacrifice of tool was too large for this effort and many a paper plate met its maker this day…

The final effect would be dependent on water volume and dry powder used…

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