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Stunning Color in a Beautiful Yarn!

It’s all about SUMMER and Heather looks gorgeous in her just off-the-needles ChicKami

For details and more fab yarn tales, visit her blog

and I double-dog-dare ya to not want some of her Chocolate Chocolate Verde Verde CAKE!

the ChicKami looks great in any light worsted weight yarn – cotton – blends – wool – check out this one that I made from Rowan KidSilk Haze – the ChicKami makes a FAB Vest! I love the way it looks over a T-shirt or blouse – start one now for Fall!

Chic Knits = WARDROBE
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ah, the power of Real-Time Blogging – listening to the pouring rain while sitting in my jammies…

My Father, may he RIP, once told me that I learned everything I know from the School of Hard Knocks. As I’ve graced down the timeline, I’ve found, wonder of wonders, IT’s TRUE!

Note to Parents Everywhere: YOU were RIGHT!
MOST of the Time!

It seems lately I’ve been busy at my lessons and shall I say, re-lessons.

Luckily, the Do-Over is not a dirty word at Chez Chic.

Even if it was generated by lack of common sense, it is No Crime to get it Right the Whatever Time.

For Example: I’ve started knitting the Mountain Peaks Shawl and am already at my first DO. I am using Jagger Zephyr yarn and started out with #4 Clover needles – hmm…

Knock-Knock: Who’s There?
Dumb, dull points. Wicked thick cable. Sloppy uncontrollable tension.


Here you see on top the first try – fug ala mode, created with the #4. No way was I going to wear it. So, I decided to switch tools but searching through my needles for the ultimate in knitting pleasure, Inox Teflons, I was flummoxed to find I did not possess a #3! Now if you’ve ever seen my needle collection, you would think this was not even remotely possible. I did however, have a sharp pointed Crystal Palace #3.

Evil, resisting cables; possibly going to have to take time-out to glue the mfn bamboo portion into sockets.

However, I am on vacation. I am dressed to kill and ready for bear.


I hereby invoke the buffness of Henry Rollins
to show those nasty cables Who’s the Boss…
(YaHAA DSL: check this out)

Here you see the re-lesson #2:


Now this is really nothing new – heat generally relaxes cables.

Unless they are, but of course, CP cables. I have almost fried myself silly with a hair dryer trying to un-kink whatever wonder plastic these are made of. Seems like that silly little metal join spins around and just when you think you’ve smoothed the cable out, it twists and spits in your face.

Well, I’m twisting right back atcha, cables! and I poured boiling water into the largest stainless steel bowl I have – (just sticking these things into the pot has little controllable effect) – and plunged them in. My reasoning? The cable once it hit the heat just might follow the circular shape of the bowl. And VOILA! Works for me…

Happy now, I make Try #2 (seen on the bottom of the first picture above) with the smaller needles – and get what I want. I also changed the start of the piece – right after casting on, I worked one knit row to strengthen that point.


Sahara writes: “Oh lord, Bonne

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Ode to DSL continues…

When wacked in the face with somewhat impossible deadlines, I tend to do what any sane person would.

I start another project!

The last few weeks, I’ve been overhauling this site (Pay NO Attention to that (WO)man behind the Curtain!) and doing all sorts of interesting things with my other new Pal, Adobe InDesign. There’s been a lot of Front and Back End tweaking going on (and it’s too bad that doesn’t refer to my booty, but there you go…)

The Gallery is undergoing a change that will make it easier to view and expand.

The Portfolio is either bulging at the seams or straining at the gate but you know me and my mixed metaphors so we’ll just gently walk away from that one. Suffice to say, delightful times lay ahead!

AND, I have this week off from my *day job*. Now most of you know I work as a videographer/photojournalist in addition to ruining this fine establishment. That fabulous place gives me vacations! And since it is my vacation, and even though I must truly really deeply get some things wrapped up or launched, I Get to PLAY, too.

Meet my new little friends – Zephyr wool/silk (color: blueberry) and the fabulous Mountain Peaks Shawl pattern by Miriam Felton…


Switching platforms and setting up the MacMini has been pretty much a breeze, so much that I’ve been left with a little time to try & organize & streamline my millions of files. Rousting around my web mailbox (I can acess my email online), I found a pattern I bought online a few months ago, but couldn’t download – sometimes with my old computer/dial-up connection, the whole system would crash during the process. So after I wiped away my tears back then, I just left it where it was and then LIGHT BULB!

Last night, I decided to try and amuse myself in the way you only do on vacation, by thrumming through my pattern collection. In hand, the beautiful Bijou Blue Wool/Silk. Not-in-hand, a suitable shawl pattern. I wanted something airy, light, with more than one lace design in it (Birch was also calling, but, hmmm, one lace repeat? another vacation, maybe?)

Then I remembered my stuck-in-orbit Mountain Peaks! A few minutes/seconds? later it was smack dab on the Desktop where it now could be printed out and fancied. But why stop there – I went to Adobe and downloaded their latest version of Acrobat (now at 7.0.8) and it was a party!


The beautiful thing about all this is that this project is just for relaxation, inspiration (OH that Color!), and no deadline. Love that…

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