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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


No good mixalot starts in Millenium Park without this ^^^
If you follow the Orange you’ll see some people you know…

Spotted at 4 o’clock on the Bean: Theresa, Julie and b-marie making their way to…

Drumroll Please…

Worldwide KIP Day!

As far as the eye could see, Knitters Galore! Braving an intermittently crappy grey day, (hmm, in September we’d call that Sweater Weather), dozens of folks from all over the GCA met up East of the Faces Fountains in Millenium Park for some knittin’ karma.

Old friends and new gathered under the fountain’s approving glance.

One of the most fun things about KIP for me is visiting the knitters AND their knitting – I spent a lot of time mingling

The throngs of people passing by (heyBEAN, lookout comin’ to getcha…) were not immune to the Magnetic Pull of the needle. Stopping to show some love were this trio, left to right, from Chicago, Dehli, and New York City! When I first saw them, they were excitedy pointing and discussing what we were doing.

Cirque KIP – where knitters of all skills and pride perform amazing acrobatic turns and leaps on a tightrope of Yarn!

Thanks Aidan! for spreading the word and getting us all together in Chicago…

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