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Tuesday, June 6, 2006


the Gauntlet: a Tale Fit for 06-06-06

I was so full of fresh air after the CW on Sunday, I joined my building neighbors in a challenging garden clean-up. Our building butts up against a beautiful garden belonging to the people south of us. Trouble is, there is a small area between our properties that is prone to be a weed field without watchful vigilance.

We tackled this last year too, and I must say, it was not as bad this year – there are naturalizing Day Lilies galore and Phlox! These, I hope, will fill in that space and shade out any seedlings. The seedlings that want to grow in this area are perverse and tenacious – the most vile being something called the Tree of Heaven…

I think it should be called the Tree of Hell, myself, because it is just demonic. Black Magically, in one season, it can grow +30ft. I noticed it for the first time last year casually looking out my dining room window (I’m on the second floor) and seeing, suddenly, where there was nothing, a Tree Top! We cut them down last year, but being inexperienced, we didn’t know we were really just Feeding the Beast.

By now, the stumps had blown out crazy with fast-growing suckerlings; this year we cut them down again (three about 20 ft high already) then used a little hatchet I had to chop the stump up a little then dose it with Ortho Brush-B-Gone! Now generally, I resist all chemicals until the Final Call of Damien arrives and THEN I do not hesitate. Spawn of Hell: Be Gone!

Mistakenly, when I asked for this product at the Home Depot, I referred to it as Bush-Be-Gone (but of course, meeting with a blank stare from the clerk) and I realized it was just my wishful thinking about the President…

Working and enjoying my neighbors wonderland then inspired me to go to the Grand Ave. garden center and get me some Porch Flowers, et al. So far, I’ve planted a Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato, a nice cucumber bush and some Pole Beans!


Here is my new favorite plant, Lemon Licorice (Helichrysum petiolare) surrounded by my current WIP, Delilah…

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