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Friday, May 26, 2006


Things are looking up. Or rather, I’m seeing up…

It’s funny – when times are discouraging for me, I actually walk with my head slightly down and see, really, just a ways in front of my feet. The side lines get blotted out; the horizon is where?

Things haven’t changed much from last week. Illness still looms, still without decision, still without direction. Like many of you, I stand at one of those *unique* family crossroads, where roles can suddenly seem to go into lightening fast reversal from offspring to parent because of sickness or circumstance. Nature throws you the huge Medicine Ball and you catch it.

Heads Up!

So while everybody practices their curve balls, it seems the perfect time to be as industriously positive as possible. Now is the time to really clean my house! I have new towels and rugs for the bathrooms – a yummy mix of sage, pistachio, and greyish aqua – a refreshing and restortive palette for the wee morning hours…

I’ve got Knittin’ to do – my red CeCe cardi is almost done – a little band work and a button and she’s good to go – I am loving this Warmer weather – there’s a very pretty white cotton dress, trimmed in lace, waiting in the wings, that just might need a fresh little topper. Fashion is thy Happy Face!

Then it’s on to some pullovers – one shell (Delilah) and one T (Gwyneth) are off and running. The Gwyneth T has been on the bus with me – a teenager insisted it was a hat the other day – alrighty now…

Wishing you all a FABULOUS holiday weekend!

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