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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I thought my second little CeCe would be finished by now but it’s almost there – I couldn’t resist trying it on yesterday morning, of course I was brushing my teeth at the same time – didn’t even really notice how absurd that was until later! Sometimes my mornings are a chain reaction of Must Do’s – it seems like many very tempting ideas irresistibility collide with my routine duties just as I’m about to go out the door. What gets done? BOTH at the same time if possible – we call that the One-Man-Band at my photo job. The only thing missing is the hand stand.

This is actually how I knew I finally was an adult. When you are very young, a day can last forever – the drama and angst of close self orbit will gobble time slowly. As you stand alone on the later horizon, however, things start moving fast, very fast sometimes, and you can find yourself in a landslide of activity and it only makes sense to learn to be a master juggler. (Or does it?)

I’ve been juggling a lot lately – but I always come back to my knitting to calm down. For me, it seems something that desires (not demands) gentle focus – I haven’t been able to do much more than sometimes watch television or listen to programs while doing it – but I have seen people read at the same time.

Knitting lace is too tricksie for that – but not too much so in this case. I can always pick up a little speed because all the wrong side rows are purl backs :)

Why I like knitting in the round or one piece from the Bottom Up: I seem to have gravitated towards this technique as the best of both worlds – top down and piece work. I like the control of it better – you can test out your stitch patterning and gauge on a sleeve (just like I always do in piece work). Then, one can also be assured the bodywork is to your liking rather quickly in a more simple area, especially knitting lace.

But the main reason I like Bottom Up Knitting is the control you have over the look of the shoulder area. I prefer shoulder shaping done with decreases – you can manipulate them several ways for an elegant appearance, a more invisible fit and seamless shaping, although I especially like what is called the “Full-Fashioned Decrease” for the tracks of its geometry.

I always find myself holding the knitting away from me for a good look at the *seam* that forms the raglan after a few rounds – I smooth it and yes, I pet my work – always a moment of small but satisfying enjoyment that pushes me forward but not out the door!

Yesterday, after my trip, I had to return the rental car downtown. This was, but of course, also a two-fer – because it would get me very close to work without having to take the bus. Imagine my surprise to wait in line behind about 12 people for my turn to check-out then discover no wallet in me pocket! The Hertz clerk was very kind about my cardless, $$$ status but I was not.

This meant I had to walk 3 miles back to my house to get my IDs and driver’s license – essential when you might have to drive a company car, no? The day was clear and brisk and as I walked through the river neighborhood back towards East Village, I had abundant time to think. I could fill my eyes with the wide blue sky and wallow in my brain about where my life was leading me and my family. My Mother is ill – she is suffering and needs treatment, to be determined. Suddenly misty clouds loom over my eyes blotting out the blue. I turn and see those are only tears.

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