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Friday, May 19, 2006

It was Thursday and that meant only one thing:
right at the ice cream, left at the stump.

And here in the Stump Capitol of the World, was the Trufant Flea Market.

Even though it was windy and fifty, the flower vendors brought all their wares…

The very best thing about the Flea Market was

seeing my sister, Catherine, selling all her beautiful creations in the open air. She is a practitioner of the Prim Arts.

click on pic for larger pic

Ann & Sally Prim at the show
with their Crow Pie…

Steps and stools and
fancies for the home.

As is my wont, I wandered and rambled in the cold morning air. Little tempted and reached my hands except for the extra large coffee I carried around.

Others as cold as I were enticed by the Bunnies for Sale – many stood for a long time huddled with one for warmth – until overcome by cuteness they would offer to buy the bunny. Here you see the lady farmer on the left sexing her rabbit. We City Folk find that endlessly amusing. I cannot explain why.

I admired the soft down of the cozy baby ducks she had for sale and wondered why in nature we humans were just plain naked as the day is long in our natural state.

Another solution to the cold weather was kindly offered here at the Hair Booth – I looked for anyone actually wearing hair extensions at the market but I think that is saved for Saturdays.

Here in a shed there was a loud and exciting auction going on. Many trucks were lined up outside the shed piled high with boxes filled with anything and everything.

The shed would be filled with the boxes and then auctioned off – there was booty good and bad – thrilling and mundane – worthless and mighty…

One lady got a huge box full of wonderful baking pans and cook pots for $.50. Something about the wonderfulness of that score suddenly loosened up my own pocketbook and I was ready to steamroll that flea market and Get Mine…

These brooches were $1.00 and are about three inches wide each. I especially like the bottom one whose flower is made out of wound painted wire.

But best of all, for later, was the food that ended up in my bag – the best Amish-made Cashew crunch I have ever tasted, homemade peanut butter cookies, and blueberry jam.

Pardon me, now it’s Friday and I’m going off to make some noodles et beef…

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