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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

and the People’s Choice? V-I-G-G-O and Viggo was his name-O


OMG! How did I ever leave Colin Firth off of the list…

Travel once again is whispering in my ear – in a couple of weeks, I’m going up to Michigan to visit my family.

Yes, that’s UP. As a Midwesterner, I join all the other regional neighbors in the universal head shake that accompanies the Phrase “Upper Lower Michigan”. Or is it “Northern Lower“?

What I do know is that even though it is going to be the middle of May, the P.M. temperatures of the area will not be Kindly Springlike; ie. balmy, warm, caressing.

Nay. They will be cool and damp – we are almost in the deep woods – I’ll be visiting an area that bills itself the “Headwaters of the Pines” and indeed, this is a place where bath towels might fight to dry after a normal use. It’s the Trees.

But this, in the grand Chic Knits Tradition, calls for New Clothes – wool clothes – which are the only ones which shake their nappy fists at the Damp and Dread.

I am finishing the Elemental sweater I started this past winter. It is a fusion knit – part machine part hand – made from Jo Sharp DK in a rich navy. I love navy. Even better, if truth be told than I love black.

First up is seaming and blocking the sleeves – I get to use my little Michael Graves ironing board – so much fun! Steam pressing as a blocking move is something I first read about in the back of the Rowan magazines and it works very well with wool that is not in need of extreme shaping – the steam nudges, softens, and sets the stitches wonderfully without any pinning.


look out pine trees I’m comin’ to getcha…

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