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Thursday, April 20, 2006

if the sleeve don’t fit, you must convict convert…

Now that the press has christened my morning ride the Love Bus, I’ve been noticing all sorts of stuff: first and foremost, the redundancy of my wardrobe.

PARKA PArka parka

Sounds like a dog barking; looks worse.

It has become my Civic Duty to upgrade my mobile commuting look – for the good of Chicago (and my flirt life), I’ve decided to get my A.M. act together.

Fortunately, that’s not as impossible as it might seem – and fortuitously, my insane habit of marinating unfinished projects is going to bail me out.

I love this Jacket! But somehow, this was made in the days when I must’ve been avoiding all use of a measuring tape because the sleeves on this unit were over 2″ too long. I tried once, half-heartedly, to start to fix this problem but lacked the courage and strength to complete the task. NO MORE! The Love Bus is calling. I must shorten these sleeves and right now. Above you see where I left it – with the sleeve seam opened up about 4″ and a scrap piece of yarn threaded one row below where I wanted to pick up and knit the new cuff.

Now I take my sharpest scissors and clip the stitches in the row above across the sleeve.

After picking out the remnants of the cut stitches, I have new *LIVE* stitches.

Now, just carefully unravel one row (I like to have a nice tail to attach the new yarn to) and carry on!

Does one inch of Seed Stitch stand between me and Romantic History?

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