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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stand-by Unit 10
jump street POV – woman with camera

Most people know that Chicago is called the Windy City. After I relocated here a few years ago, I invoked its name (with extra f*adjectives) every time my hat blew away down the street – everytime my hair stuck to my fresh A.M. glossed lips as I waited for the bus, I sputtered anew…

One day a native brusquely kicked me to the curb with the news that the phrase Windy City was in reference to its Gasbag Politicians NOT the freakin weather. By then, after witnessing many a Metropolitan Scandal, I could only take my whipping and nod my head.

WITNESS that AIR: Unless you’re pushing up the daisies this Spring, you would be hard pressed to miss the mess that is the trial of ex-Governor George Ryan down at the Federal Building. Old School Campaign Fund Fraud Walks into New School Cyber Invetigative Wall. RESULT: a gathering of the gassiest, baggiest, co-mingling of politician and attorney species, the likes of which we will probably witness soon never again.

The Media, in a long tradition of loving to give names to stories, sporting events, and gangstas, has named the raggedey group of assorted scribes, TV reporters, shooters and groupies – (yes, there are always court groupies but that story is for another day) – who attend the proceedings “Camp Ryan”. They mostly hover in a waiting room on the same floor as the courtroom, eagerly awaiting the verdict.

But almost forgotten, until they are in your face, are the Other Camp Followers.

That would be me. And my ilk.

The Photographers wait in a cordoned off area in the gargantuan lobby. We have been relegated there by the order of the Chief Judge who proclaimed that “Cameramen with cameras who stampeded and trampled the public” would be coralled off so they could no longer poach the Free Range (my interpretaion).

This is Bad but (oh yes) Good. Because these members of Camp Ryan are actually, well, a Camp! Here behind the ropes along the 3 story high glass exterior walls, you see folding canvas chairs behind a row of cameras connected to every cable ever invented for the transmission of electronic broadcast.

The Geeks will not go quietly or will they?

Here you will see people warming themselves with a virtual campfire of iPods (regular, nano, mini (including my beloved Keanu who I thought I electrocuted yesterday OH NO!) and the most coveted of all – the guys with the video ipods watching MOVIES! How I lust for this option). Also represented are laptops of all shapes and sizes; books, newpapers; magazines; cell phones and devices emitting every chirp sequence under the sun.

[Lest you think this is the Best Job Ever, let me indicate that at a micro-moment’s notice, the Camp must and will SPRING into action and throw itself on the Grenade of Coverage as soon as the pin is pulled. NOW one must heave the 25-30 lb. camera on the shoulder and run for six blocks, up and down stairs through traffic backwards and around and through anything in the urban landscape in all types of weather. WINDY trumps windy.]

But I worship most of all the LoTech Device I always have with me:

This little number is good in all weather, windy
or otherwise, and will never need a battery.

I love my little Old School Heel…

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