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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the Sock Speaks

Yesterday was a virtual Trifecta of Crafting on the #66.

While I was knitting away on my River Sock, I spied in a side seat in front of me a lady embroidering what looked to be a small tablecloth! Across from her, was a young woman furiously wielding a hook.

In her lap lay a gorgeous green crocheted shawl. She was working so fast, I could not see the stitches actually being made – she was poking the hook back and forth into the edge of the piece so quickly I couldn’t see her throw the thread over the hook before it disappeared and grabbed another stitch! THRILLING!

Thread? Did I hear the word Thread? Indeed – the fiber she was using to crochet her masterpiece was the finest gauge *yarn* I’ve ever seen.

hey Ann this is for you…

But of course, this made me knit faster and faster. I am still in thrall to the River Sock – I’m actually almost finished with it but I left it at work so all I have is what you see above.

The last few rows of the heel turning drew some attention from fellow riders when made. Next to me was a young woman wearing the uniform of Chicago Teens – roughhouse – low riders, starter jacket, no brow left unpierced.

She and a friend proceeded to have one of those amazing bus converations where people in close proximity to you, discuss you, & maybe what you’re doing or other, like you are a table or chair. [Perhaps I resembled fine furniture with a few moving parts – indeed – I spend a lot of time in my glider in the hut, knitting…]

My neighbors puzzled over the type and meaning of my object and when they decided it was a sock, started a conversation with me.

She told me she knew how to knit, too. That while she was in Cook Co. Jail a couple of months ago, a group (must find) came in and taught the ladies-in-waiting. Speaking with obvious delight, she told me how from her hands came a yellow baby blanket, recipient unknown, but good will winging its way. She said she probably wouln’t knit anything else, but she really liked my sock.

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