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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the Sock Speaks

Yesterday was a virtual Trifecta of Crafting on the #66.

While I was knitting away on my River Sock, I spied in a side seat in front of me a lady embroidering what looked to be a small tablecloth! Across from her, was a young woman furiously wielding a hook.

In her lap lay a gorgeous green crocheted shawl. She was working so fast, I could not see the stitches actually being made – she was poking the hook back and forth into the edge of the piece so quickly I couldn’t see her throw the thread over the hook before it disappeared and grabbed another stitch! THRILLING!

Thread? Did I hear the word Thread? Indeed – the fiber she was using to crochet her masterpiece was the finest gauge *yarn* I’ve ever seen.

hey Ann this is for you…

But of course, this made me knit faster and faster. I am still in thrall to the River Sock – I’m actually almost finished with it but I left it at work so all I have is what you see above.

The last few rows of the heel turning drew some attention from fellow riders when made. Next to me was a young woman wearing the uniform of Chicago Teens – roughhouse – low riders, starter jacket, no brow left unpierced.

She and a friend proceeded to have one of those amazing bus converations where people in close proximity to you, discuss you, & maybe what you’re doing or other, like you are a table or chair. [Perhaps I resembled fine furniture with a few moving parts – indeed – I spend a lot of time in my glider in the hut, knitting…]

My neighbors puzzled over the type and meaning of my object and when they decided it was a sock, started a conversation with me.

She told me she knew how to knit, too. That while she was in Cook Co. Jail a couple of months ago, a group (must find) came in and taught the ladies-in-waiting. Speaking with obvious delight, she told me how from her hands came a yellow baby blanket, recipient unknown, but good will winging its way. She said she probably wouln’t knit anything else, but she really liked my sock.

Monday, April 10, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

the inspiration lives on…
the man and what he left behind…

Gordon Parks
featured on the Digital Journalist

“I was just born with a need to explore every tool shop
of my mind, and with
long searching and hard work,
I became devoted to my restlessness.”

Wednesday, April 5, 2004

high on dye

Before there is Red, there had to be Brown…

Years ago now, I knit a foxy little number from my favorite, All Seasons Cotton by Rowan in a color called Boudoir. Like most of my stash, I got it on sale – but the color always left me a little BLAH.


But this is one of my favorites and since I wear it all the time, I thought I’d try a Dye Intervention…

Now, I must say that I entered into this with not a little trepidation. But, in the interest of Science and Fashion, someone had to take the plunge.


Once again, the Procion MX dyes were called into service. Using equal parts of Brilliant Orange & Midnight Blue with a tsp. of Bright Golden Yellow for tops, I mixed what I hoped would be a soft Sienna Brown. The nature of the base color of the yarn was a light reddish brown to begin with and I wanted to take its saturation down as well as the tone.


Here is the final, washed result with the original color shown in the tiny ball on top – that is how much yarn I had left from this project – not enough to test run the color mixture – a most important step that fell by the wayside in my lust for Brown! I love this brown – it is very close to the very first sweater I ever knit – when I was 10yo – a cardigan for my Barbie Doll out of fingering weight wool…


– Weigh the garment

– Remove buttons before washing

– Soak in soapy (alkaline) water for at least an hour (preferably overnight) – do not rinse out

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