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Wednesday, March 8, 2006


in the Valley of the Jolly chicmuse.gif

A little wine, a little ambience, some fashionable friends!

I brought this naughty top with me to the Museum of Contemporary Art S’nB last night. It is just a short walk from work to the MCA – they’ve been staying open late on free Tuesdays so some Downtown Knitters can get together in Puck’s (as in Wolfgang) Cafe on the east side of the building. This project is sort of like a big SOCK in that you just go round and round – so it makes for the Perfect Chat Project.

(I’ve learned the hard way that things like Lace and Fussy Cabling do not mingle well with the mingling…)

And before I knew it , the sippin and clickn with the happy gang – including Jen and Theresa and KarenB – made the knittin’ fly by. In the middle of all that, a TV crew showed up and taped a segment for some show – My HANDS my HANDS! They were models for a little bit. And because we were downtown girls there was WINE! I toasted the camera guy when he asked me why I wasn’t shooting – he’s my fellow news hound outside – was he EVER surprised to see me clickn away. It made me go really fast. The drinkin shot will most likely be the one that makes it into their piece, I can just feel it…

So all that was left to do when I got home was the Neckband. And is it just me or does it look like that neckline is smiling?

I can’t believe how the variegation made these little smiley curves around the scoop. Est il faux pour l’adorer? I had to find the ONLY lit place in the hut and take a pre-blocked picture just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things…

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