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March 14, 2006


little Red (walking)Hood

Margene tagged a meme for Red in the House but I had to GET home first…

This is Chicago Avenue, Chicago, USA, right around Ashland Ave. – 1600 West and 800 North, right around where I get off the #66 after work. I’m usually not looking around at much more than my feet as they leave the bus and hit the curb.

But this night, in the new twilight of earliest Spring, I window shopped and quickshot the red I saw as I walked the two blocks home.

click on small pictures to open larger version in a pop-up window…


be sure to leave your URL in the comments if
you’ve made a Red Montage

Monday, February 13, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  


There’s no place I’d rather be than with my friends listening to music…

Add a couple of Volcanoes, Fishbowl size drinks and some Hula Dancers to a phenomenal String Master and you have the perfect Jake Shimabukuro. This Hawaiian native puts moves on a Ukulele like NOTHING you’ve ever seen [or heard].

Take a listen


seen this weekend at

the Tiki Terrace
the fabulous Dinner Club in Prospect Hts.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Lolly writes: “…The idea of Project Spectrum is simply a celebration of the colors around us, and taking the time to notice them.”

MARCH ======= RED

I am a stereotypical City Chick. Most days, the palette runs deep, down right to the Brown, Black and no other. My body’s the baseline; the clothes the wrapper that SNAPS to large attention with just a touch of color.

Knitting is freedom like that. You can put on one small scarf and all of a sudden your eyes sing.

Or, you can brush away the shadows of your shoes with a stroke of Tone and You Dance!


It has been thrilling to see all over the knitWeb the way people are taking this to the streets. I knew I would probably not be able to be a Calendar Girl and commit to a Project-a-Month but I told Lolly I thought I could dabble in May (hmmm… GREEN!) and dance with a few others as well.

This is my Red.


And its red, burgundy, purple and blue! But when you see it from above, it’s the Red that wants you.

The dark cool Blue recedes and moves away.

This is Twinkletoes yarn from eBay seller lotusblossom (Over the Rainbow Yarns). Sadly, I don’t have the color info anymore

hmmm… Margene has meme tagged Red Around the House!

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