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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Apparently, this is as close as I get to intarsia.
WHwat? There is no intarsia in this garment?

Still, I love Variety in me knits. What this little Saffron cardi (from Rowan Mag #25) is loaded with is Texture. Lots of Twizzle…

Just a little moving Purl Stitch makes the wavy gravy bulby thing you see above. I am thrilled by this. It amuses me over and over. Even when I’ve missed a couple of moves because of stitch shifting on the wrong side of the piece, it hasn’t bugged me too much because then I get to flip it over and see the beauty on the front. Hypnotic! I love staring at it.

Speaking of staring – anybody keeping up with the saga of the Olympic Italian Ice Dancers Barbara Fusar Poli and Maurizio Margaglio?

Now, I must tell you, my most entertaining O-moments so far have been in the Half-pipe and other Snow Boarding events – and contrary to the rest of my family, I usually don’t watch many ice capades.

But baby, I’m hooked! Between the incredible Fantasy Outfits that go farther than ANYTHING you’ve ever seen during a Ballroom competiton (remember these skaters are going FAST – slippage cuppage b**bage?) and the drama what is there NOT to love? I missed the Sunday round of Passion that occurred when Ms. Fusar Poli and Mr. Margaglio unfortunately fell (as did 2 other couples – makes you wonder maybe that ice needs a zamboni pass or two) then Stared Each Other Down for long seconds before leaving the ice.

It made my head swim to see them behind the scenes in the locker room last night – FROSTY! And then they skated together! Now one partner flings the other around and around at high speeds with sharp blades on the slickest of surfaces – people ANYTHING could happen. I’d be so outta there.

But no – they carried on – dressed to the nines – and were almost MORE dramatic at the end when she knelt on the ice in front of him and then they embraced. YOWSA!

Sheer Madness

beyond the word Impeccable only leaves you with: Fierce

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