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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

IMA Proud Citizen of the SOCK NATION!
with liberty and HandPaints for all…
:) take a button to use

Even if you don’t have eyes in the back of your head, the Sock Nation is pretty hard to miss…

I am a Citizen! Your probably are too… :)

Maybe you’ve spent some time lusting (yes, that is the only word) after hanks and skeins and colors of YARN.

I have too! I have not only oogled fiber, I oogle everybody’s SOCKS (lady on the bus the other day, I apologize for eyeing those little cables)! I love all the KALs out there and really, love nothing better than visiting everyone’s WIP!


I am going to do my best to do my part with you – I promise, Girl Scout’s Honor!


Above you see my Duty in action. I was two skeins up of some fine burgundy Twinkletoe yarn and put out the call for a swap. The lovely Karen B. brought the middle yarn to trade – it is STR color Alina (OMG – kiwi / tangerine / cobalt / turquoise / evergreen!). I met her at the SnB South Loop and enjoyed a night of knitting and fun with her buds…

The yarn on the bottom is OPAL! For some reason this yarn fits my sock bill exactly for knitting now – we’ve had such a mild winter that I crave thinner socks and dontcha know, Opal, makes a nice little pair.

This color was presented by the sparkling Carolyn, who in her infinite wisdom arrived at the Trade Lunch (dudes, I never swap on an empty stomach) with two skeins. She brought the one I asked for via email sight unseen (purple/black CROC) AND a wonderful early release of #9 GREEN. I blush when I say I was unable to extract myself from the tracktor beam the green exerted on me and I apologize to the burgundy for acting like it wasn’t even there!

and Last, but surely not really last because I LUST after sock yarn and it is actually at the top of the picture, is more STR, 50% Wool / 50% Tencel, color: Flourite. Now what right has Blue Moon to keep making such POWERFUL color combos that I cannot resist? I am mad to try this fiber mix as well – I love the Black Cutaway Cardi I made from a similar fiber mix a few months back –

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