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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a very slow atmosphere permeates the region
we are frosted with chilly grey and the air is thin

Totally in thrall to my Pack Rat DNA, I’ve been meaning to put these gifts away, clearing my dining room table. It’s January 10th – the month, indeed the year, is surely on its way. My big excuse though is that I live in a SoftLoft (choice realtorSpeak) and it really isn’t a dining room anyway so why can’t this furniture be a Display Table instead. Like FOREVER. (Like why take the Christmas lights down because you just have to put them back UP Next Year?)


AHH. Bless my friends and family for totally ignoring the Parka Culture I must live in on my *day job*. They know I have another life – a life as a Glamazon (if only in my mind…). Such girly treasure: a satin embroidered purse with a beaded handle. Satin beaded slippers. A huge Red Velvet/Brocade Hat Box with a Rhinestone Buckle…


Indeed! A hatbox filled with velvet rose petals, hiding a beautiful mirror hiding a Sephora Gift Card! OYE!


A Mirror which can tag along in the beautiful bag as it goes on its merry ways.


Joining the glitzy bonbon thats been hiding in my stash since 2002! Now that I am no longer in thrall to RibbonPhobia, let the adventure begin! What shall I make…

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