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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Ah – would that the Holidays could last forever!

I could just party Party PARTY IF they were all like the wonderful bash that Mason-Dixon Knitting threw for Chicago area knitters…

l. to r.: Helen, Ann & Karen B.

The M-D connection traveled up to CowTown and Ann and Mary Neal (her newly transplanted sis-in-law) hosted a friendly evening of knitting at Mary Neal’s loft (drool along with the pictures from the January 2 entry @m-d). Joining hands and needles together to meet old friends and new: Erica, Jodee, Dana, Carla, Emily, Diane, Collette, Karen, Corinne, Helen, & Elizabeth! And if just circling us all up wasn’t fun enough, there was FOOD!

(Coincidence? Good Knitters = Good Cooks?)

And there was MAGIC! The night was emboldened by the Sorcery of Hand PomPoms! I learned something like this as a child but it took the prowess of a mighty Fiber Queen to induct me into The Mysteries…



the Magic of one Karen B.

Start with a Tie! This is the most incredible advice – saves much trauma and stress later…


Begin the PomPom by wrapping the yarn evenly around your hand.


Keep wrapping until the mass becomes very thick. Remember: the thicker your wrap, the denser the PomPom…


WOOT! Use the piece of yarn that’s been hiding under the wrap to tie the center tightly; you’ll need to go around a couple of times.


Fan the wrap out in a flat circle and cut the loops open. Pull a little on the scissors to keep ’em even.



A little trimming here and there and you have a Super Duper Pom!


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