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Tuesday, December 20, 2006

the Joys of the Season

thank you so much Meg!

YES! I’m a little slow on the uptake, but lately I’ve been discovering first-hand what all the fuss is about. The adorable HappyBean herself, (hi Meg!), sent me some of her gorgeous handspun yarn and I’ve been knittin’ it.

The bitter cold is doing strange and wonderful things to my brain. I am actually getting a LOT done. My theory is that when you are forced to lurk inside, the Cabin Fever just might give birth to some glorious whim. SUDDENLY! You are furiously writing or stitching or composing or cooking – the weather just might free(force) you to create…

It is not unusual, when the cold spell lands, for me to grab multi-strands of yarn and combine. I don’t do this other times of the year but in the deep winter it’s like grabbing for the covers in the early morning chill and favoring your ears with their warmth.

My Ears.

Possibly the most vulnerable part of my body when I’m working outside. (Now nose and fingertips, do not whine – you are sissies too!)

So it became the plan to craft a chapaeu that would honor My Ears and warm my little head…

I mixed one strand of aqua worsted weight handspun with one strand sportweight Dale Sisik (chartruese) left over from these and knitted an earwarmer. I was going to stop right there but something made me tour the Stash and look what I found…


So some more Mixing was unavoidable – and here’s something I haven’t done before – changed up from a much smaller gauge to a larger one in a different section of the work. EXCITING stuff to be sure but something that took a couple (cough) tries to get the proportion right.

I still have to finish the top of the hat BUT a dilemma remains – POMPOM noPOMPOM?

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