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Monday, December 19, 2005

  Monday Morning Mirth  



from WORDSPY (09/27/02): “Today’s word originated with that always reliable source of neologisms, the TV show Seinfeld. Regift (and the noun regifter) appeared in the episode titled The Label Maker, which first aired on January 19, 1995.”

PROOF (positive that everything I know, and you too, I learned on TV!):
Here’s the script snippet where regift was used in that Seinfeld episode (regifter was used earlier in the show; note, as well, yet another neologism: degift):

George: The wedding is off. Now you can go to
the Super Bowl.

Jerry: I can’t call Tim Whatley and ask for the
tickets back.

George: You just gave them to him two days ago,
he’s gotta give you a grace period.

Jerry: Are you even vaguely familiar with the concept of giving? There’s no grace period.

George: Well, didn’t he regift the label maker?

Jerry: Possibly.

George: Well, if he can regift, why can’t you degift?

Jerry: You may have a point.

George: I have a point, I have a point.”

OOOHHhh, my family knows me so well! I opened a shipped box from my Sis and found the above lovely pahck-ahge. Now, if you’ve been reading CK for awhile, you can find a Christmas theme in this label…

Every year I receive a Singing Toy! Last year, it was this, shown in this little movie. Be afraid – be very AFRAID.

There has been a veritable collection through these doors, and I must say the word THROUGH, because the biggest Joke/Gift of all is they ALWAYS become a ReGift. I had a caroling stuffed frog that was cycled around for YEARS and was only retired when my friend’s elderly Mom REFUSED to ReGift! She loved that Frog, with his croaky Jingle Bells, et al… and roundly told us all off when we informed her it was HER turn to pass it along…

I am dying of curiousity about this package but other family etiquette (MUST wait until Christmas Eve) prevents me from tearing into it. So I’m going to have to satisfy my craving by asking YOU:

What’s the best ReGift you’ve given/received?

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