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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

CSI: Chicago Style

Much of my life has been spent in the Corridors of Law. On any given day, you might find me at one of the Federal, County or Municipal courthouses of Chicago, waiting with the rest of the Press Corps to advance *the Story* with a suspect, lawyer or witness by getting a picture and sound bite.

A day last week was no different, except something knitterly poked it’s fibery little head into the proceedings. Right before a Reporter was about to deliver his goods LIVE, he fumbled with his earpiece, that umbilical cord that connects us, almost anywhere we are to the mighty, omnipotent Control Room.

It seems the little bugger was all twisted UP! Someone standing near said loudly, “Give it to her, she’s a Knitter!” pointing to me, as I stood, standing by, behind the camera, waiting to go LIVE with said reporter.

I must say, part of me was pleased – recognition in my chosen field is rare and stingy – and within seconds, I’d unknotted the naughty cord and ON we went, to what I believed was the (silent) CHEERS of my live shot mates…

>>>>>>> Remember this? <<<<<<<


Ah, the back of a beautiful ribbon top, called the Red Chinese Style Sweater from Rebecca (Magazine No.26 September – December).

I started this in 2003, getting the *yarn* as a reward for the stupendous amount of overtime I worked during the Cubs Playoff Season. I found this piece the other day doing Inventory of Lost Projects in my stuff; there it was lurking in shiny beauty, begging me to finish it…

I picked this project because it was So Pretty, So Sophisticated, So Party Girl. I could imagine me wearing it on the slightly formal Holiday rounds (there I go Twirling onto the Dance Floor…)


It is made from a ribbon called Tiffany – deep scarlet, slubbed with black. It will be trimmed with gold. I won’t be able to put the flower stencil on it because even though I have the design, I don’t have the transfer paper that they use in Europe and couldn’t find a substitute anywhere here.

Ahhh, but those who will not LEARN from their mistakes are bound to repeat them! No sooner had I shot the above picture, and gotten out the needles to cast on, than much of that lovely ribbon spontaneously JUMPED OFF Its BALL!

All of a sudden, I had a mass, a PILE of ribbon everywhere on the floor, which then (and how many times has this happened to you?) snagged on my feet when I rose from my chair and was dragged across the room!

Hannibal Lector is ALIVE!

But who am I – why, that chick that unknotted the earpiece in the Halls of Justice, that’s who. Am I intimidated by some rampaging ribbon who refuses to do my bidding. NAY! I say. Bring It…

Out comes the ball winder, and onto a core the ribbon goes – half-way there any bigger ball bits on the floor start cannibalizing each other, merging into knots and blobs. NO WAY!, baby, this is the Fiber Bureau of Intimidation and you’re going on the ball winder. Standing, I will gently tease the blobs apart, shake them, jiggle and un-do.


And here Hanni-Ball lays, after twice winding (yes, it took 2 spins to get out all the teeth), now stuffed in its cardboard wrapper, secured in a ziplock bag, twisted-tied tight…

Now, the question remains, will it be done
in time for the Holidaze?

Cast-ON and Deliver!

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