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Sunday, December 4, 2005


Oh, blessed light of December – ye are only on the map between 6:30a to 4p these days, but I love you all the same…

The wonders of the Digital Color Space Spectrum never cease to amaze me! The gamut is so much more clipped in the blues than film – but today I think the actual color of the wintry skies worked a little magic.

I *think* this looks like the real color it is!

But on your monitor, who knows? :)

You always read this disclaimer (yep, I’m slacking again in those online catalogs…) and I really know, from the school of hard knocks, that it’s true. I saw the light today and just decided to go for it – I thought I might have a match! Now my journal is complete with the finished object – and I still love those little pockets!

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