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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

“SOCK: from the latin word *soccus*
which was a type of low-heeled loose-fitting shoe or slipper
used by the Greeks and also by Roman comedians”

Unbelievable, the thrill I feel when I get to this point. I am ready to turn the heel on this sock. It’s going to happen, it’s going to be a sock, it’s not a tube…

Somehow, it feels like the biggest invention of all time is about to take place. Everytime I do it, it’s like the very first time. I cannot get over it.


This is the second sock of the World Series Championship Socks – I am knitting it with a 24″ Inox #1 circular needle. This is unseemly. All the Loop info out there recommends a 40″ needle – after wrestling with some new-cable Addis, I abandoned that advice and just went for what felt good to me. This needle folds up on itself – the cable is *soft* and the hard needles are short and really pointed. Perfect for looping…

Richard Rutt from the “History of Hand Knitting” (pg. 62) remarks on why people wore cloth socks until about the time of Henry VIII: “…knitting needles cound not easily be made. Steel rods required a high degree of skill from a whitesmith hammering away to produce them. Fine metal rods could be easily produced only after the art of drawing steel through perforated plates was perfected. This happened in England during Elizabeth’s reign.”

Are we lucky or what?!:)

all about socks

the turning of the heel

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