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Wednesday, November 9, 1005

Throw Your Hands Up inthe AIR

Imagine having a day so rushed and out-of-control, you flag down a Police Vehicle in the mistaken impression it is the CAB YOU NEED! Imagine having a day so cruising down the Giant Slalom of Life missing a ski you have no make-up on, even though, at the minimum, by the time you hit Chicago Ave. at least a little mascara has landed on your lashes because, after all, definition is a MUST – Lip Liner or Bust…

But you have none of that this day.

You DO have 4-day-old Hair that is letting you down now that you know

THIS will be the Day that one of your dreams might come true…

This will be the day you get to go stand on a stool for 90 minutes above a crowd of 3000 people waiting for HER to arrive, chatting it up with HER personal sound guy who is spinning off a playlist using the same iPod you have, who slips you an audio line directly off his box. Oh, did you mentions SHE is the CKS House Diva? You do a happy Dance, never leaving the stool, even though by this time your right foot is totally asleep…


YOU do a Happy Hat Dance and go F*it and put on your HAT! By gum, that hat has more color than will ever be ALLOWED in your Makeup Palette and even your hair can pretend to look normal when it’s actually under something…

And funny thing is – SHE didn’t mind at all…

As if! – like she could see ANYTHING beyond the thousands
of flashes going OFF! Hi, Jamie!!!


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