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Saturday, November 19, 2005

gimmee a WOO gimmee a HOO


WooHoo! An FO! A weekend FO! This little scarf has been in the making since last year –

It seems like every once in awhile, on a weekend, I get a bug. The Startitis Bug. The Bug that will not let you go until you get something on the needles – something that probably will not ever get off the needles unless you catch the Other Bug.

The Finishing Bug.

I admit it. I’m a Clothes Whore. I LOVE NEW CLOTHES! So when I gleaned the Work Basket (ahem, my whole House) and found this half-finished scarf a few days ago, I just couldn’t resist. Problem was, the original was not knit right – so it was frogged, started as a Grinda Scarf, frogged again (!) and NOW has attained its rightful place – Around My Neck…

I love new clothes…

28 stitch MultiDirectional Scarf
Designer: Karen Baumer
Yarn: Noro *Kureyon* – 2 balls
Color: ??? – this is what happens when you have Startitis
Needles: #10

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

when Life imitates Art





Even though everyday I go about my merry spaced-out way (too much to DO! The Holidaze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. OMG, next week is Thanksgiving. Where the H are my car keys), My Mind has a mind of its own and just keeps connecting all the dots, in spite of my chaotic path.

Above you see my new Pin Cushion from the indomitable Felt Inspired that I could not resist this weekend at the FAOF.

At the right Above >>>>>^^^^^^^^
you can see The Frapp Map
and if you click it, all its Pins.

Coincidence or just a Cosmic Glitch!?

How I’m enjoying your beautiful comments and pictures!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave one – it is so much fun getting to see you and *talk* to you…

If you are a Knitter with a Frapp Map send me your URL in an email HERE and I will add you to a link list so we can all SAY HAAAAaaaaaaaaaay! to each other…

knitting patterns

knitting patterns Comments Off on Wednesday, November 16, 2005  |  Permalinkknitting patterns

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Inspiration Infusion


Sometimes, all it takes is a little stroll around the Fiber Garden for one to grow…

The Fine Art of Fiber show this weekend featured a wonderful (and large) display of quilts of all types, masterfully done, beautifully rendered. It was quite exciting for me to tour the Exhibit and just let COLOR wrap me in Tone.

The quilt above was breathtaking – I don’t know how to describe it ( the colorists out there will know ) but the quilt embodied the tonal range of the color wheel from Hot to Cool in a geometric compostion that just drew you in and let you swim…


Yes. Sadly(?!) it’s true. Not only do I immediately go to the Lime Green at the LYS, but apparently, EVERYWHERE! I was totally drawn to this medium size quilted hanging by Leslie Riley – both the color AND the Design were graphically pleasing, thoughtful and bright.


This hanging by Maureen Collins represents an aerial view of my beloved New Orleans. The colored pieces are roof tops floating in the flood. The photo doesn’t convey the dimension and range of the work, but it was Powerful and quite embodied the idea of how the neighborhoods, once so bright and delightful, were washed away…

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