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Wednesday, October 25, 2005

the Stitches of EastSox

Going through my winter hats yesterday to get ready for the Big Chill ahead, I found a dirty, crushed up gem. It’d been laying fallow all summer, waiting for the fallish rains to wake it back up. It’s Black and is just too hot for summer duty but perfect for the low grade sun of Autumn.

SO on it goes. And Stays. Through Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Ball game.

Ball Game? Oui! At 7pm at night, it is still on my head because said hat, dear friends is a WHITE SOX hat. For some reason during the day, this dirty number has distinguished me from other Chicagoans – those who the South Siders are calling casual observers, johnny-come-latelies, fakers! or worse. Who knew that perhaps the greatest rivalry between ball teams wouldn’t be with the team actually in the World series but a team in the SAME TOWN! A guy hissed at me the other day, “You’re a Cub fan aren’t you, I can tell…” like it was branded invisibly on my head.

My Answer: “DUDE! I’m a CHICAGO FAN!” And I’ve got the hat to prove it…” Not for me the ridiculous boiling rivalry between the boys above and below Roosevelt Road!

This magical Chapeau did not protect me from the game itself – a WHOOPER! It started late and went ON and ON and ON and my nerves could not take it – here in the chilly night on a Tuesday! a *school* night a night without excuse for the boss for showing up hosed in the AM because of those PM deeds of bravery and excess damn the consequences – I’m a FAN! But I’m a chick for chrissake and that just don’t FLY…


So I was driven by the 4th inning to do what any sensible person would: I pulled out the Dye Pot. I decided to brew us up a victory! I could adjust the color temperature of the cotton Ribby I was working on. Its green was not the GREEN! I wanted to wear and it was going on and on lanquishing in the work basket mocking me like that Cub Fan from the North…

Grinder Ball Ruled as I stirred and stirred hovering over the pot for the first 20 minutes of the immersion effect. My nerves were such that when the SOX pulled away and started handing out whompass in droves in the 5th, I was standing in the kitchen, knitting an actual SOCK! while watching the TV in the living room, stirring my sweater every 5 minutes.


And the game went On and On and ON!

And I turned a Heel!

And I Blocked the GREEN! Ribby!


And I fell asleep in the 9th when the score was tied!

But indeed, the hat was still on my head this morning when I woke up and read:



Ode to Geoff Blum: All over the city, The People are taping White Sweat Socks in all their windows…

na na na na hey hey hey….

“The 5-hour, 41-minute game was the longest by time in World Series history and tied for the longest in innings.”
Chicago Sun-Times
It ended after 14 innings, with a Blum homer,
at around 1AM this morning…

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