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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

it’s all about the SOX!!!


WHOssa goin’ to the World Series?

My perfect face-off, er, foot-off?, would’ve been the White SOX vs. the Red SOX! I didn’t know unitl an incredulous co-worker told me the fugly truth yesterday afternoon that that would NEVER be becasue those two teams are in the same LEAGUE. (Ooops…)

Well a league of my own would have them playing each other and just picture it – a whole stadium full of knitters making Socks, watching men hurl, scratch, and run in circles. A glorious day!

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Forget the World Series, people, we have SOCKTOBERFEST!


The lovely Lolly has started a KAL and I’ve joined…

I hope it gives me the SOCK SPIRIT to finish
all the ones I have laying around (4 onsies).


First up to bat, the wonderful Socks That Rock! This Blue Moon yarn has to be the most wonderful stuff yet! I got it at a fiber fest out in the boonies last year from the FOLD (you might’ve met ’em at Rhinebeck). The base yarn for the hand-painting is the best feeling stuff I’ve knitted with. Does anybody know what makes this so wonderful?

And then there’s the hand-painting! To really appreciate it, you have to have it in from of you in close proximity and see it’s subtleties escape the skein as you knit. This is the Garnet Dream colourway and indeed, it’s knitting up like a dream!


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