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Thursday, October 6, 2005

Can I put my hand in your Pocket?

One of the reasons I’m so into Fusion Knitting (machine & hand knitting combined in the same garment), is that it can be a both a time saver and a mother of invention..

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One of the differences between hand and machine knitting is that you always start machine knitting with a provisional cast-on.

That leaves live stitches at the bottom of your piece – you unzip the waste yarn and put the stitches back on the needle to finish by binding off or maybe something MORE….

Apres knitting, but before finishing, I decided I wanted some *Purse Pockets* on my Scoop du Jour. QUE? I hate carrying a purse!!!

No Problem! I attached my yarn to the WS of the piece, purled one row then knit about 4" of sts from the front edge.

Using another piece of yarn (from the outside of my ball) I did a long tail cast-on (cuz I like the look) to replace the next 4 or so inches.

I used a contrasting color of scrap yarn to bind-off the corresponding body stitches to be worked later for the pocket lining.

Then I finished the row and continued working the front ribbing to the bottom of the piece.


The pocket *front* was done when the ribbing was done, but now it needed a lining.

That was what those reserved stitches were for – an interior *pocket* that would be sewn down after it was knit.

I decided to save some time and do it on the machine…

You unzip the waste yarn from the reserved stitches, then hang them on the hooks, attaching some little weights to balance the load.

Then you KNIT!

I made my pocket about 4" x 4" (it looks much longer here because of the weights…)



my little Purse Pocket !~

Almost hidden, but at the ready just big enough to carry a lipstick, bus pass and $$$…

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